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Autographed KGR Hero Card

Autographed KGR Hero Card

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Show your support for Kylie's racing journey with a personal touch! Grab your own 2024 Autographed Hero Card - a unique collector's item from Kylie's rookie season.

  • Dimensions & Quality: Each card measures 8.5"x5.5" and is printed on premium gloss cardstock for that sleek, finish-line shine.
  • Personal Signature: Kylie herself has personally signed each card, adding a special mark of appreciation for your support.
  • Fan Love: We're in this race together! Your enthusiasm fuels Kylie's drive, and these hero cards are a thank you from the cockpit of the #67 car.
  • Support the Dream: Every purchase accelerates Kylie's career, contributing directly to car maintenance, travel expenses, and continuous driver development.

Your support means the world to Kylie and the entire team. Secure a piece of racing history today with a Kylie Glick Racing Autographed Hero Card.

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